What is Wing Tjun?

The Wing Tjun system is self defence in its most efficient and consistent form. Your own physical strength or prior abilities need not be the decisive factor in a threatening situation.

The young or physically weak are always the first targets of aggressors. However, ANY person without major physical disabilities can gain self confidence and a level of fitness which will increase their self defense abilities by 500%.

Wing Tjun training will teach you to direct the force of an attack against the attacker, i.e. to ‘borrow’ the energy of the attacker, ‘charging up’ one’s own body and then effortlessly redirecting the energy back against its source. The Wing Tjun system is one of the very few self defence systems that prepare you for every phase of a fight, using feet, fists, elbows and knees. Instead of retreating, a Wing Tjun student will advance and glue themselves to their assailant, rendering them unable to continue their attack. This proximity, combined with well-defined movements, will force the attacker into a helpless position.

Why is it the best?

  • The most effective martial art
  • Effective self defence for any situation
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves hand to eye co-ordination
  • Increases confidence and focus

Martial Arts Training

  • Self defence: Wing Tjun is a self defence martial arts that is suitable for anyone regardless of your fitness level or size.
  • Confidence: Increase you confidence as you learn to control your environment through the application of the stances and hand techniques you learn in the classes.
  • Flexibility: Through the use of your legs in certain stance and defence moves your flexibility and balance will get better.
  • Stress: Unlike other forms of Wing Tjun, we actively strive to lower stress through the use of meditation.


IWKA Wing Tjun is an internal version of Wing Tjun where we use relaxation forms and standing mediation to enhance and compliment the external or physical side of the this art.