Huai Hsiang Wang, who’s a friend and mentor of Sifu Sergio, will be coming to IWKA Amsterdam HQ on the 23rd & 24th of March to hold a seminar on Internal cultivation! This will be a great opportunity to upgrade your internal skills! Here’s a little information about him:

“Lots of people are curious about my martial capacity. I feel obliged to explain. My hardcore system is Eight Step Praying Mantis, which I was first exposed to during my junior high school years taught by my father, GrandMaster Wang Chieh. My father was one of the senior students to Grand Master Wei Hsiao Tang. Ever since, I had assimulated the essence of the art and evolved.

Since after, I have been using the Eight Step Praying Mantis rationality as the hardcore to assimulate and incorporate the applications from across disciplines. The deeper I am in, the more the spontaneioty, the more I woke up from the fallacy of tradition. My quantum leap began when I took a vow to myself to stop fighting. This resolution brought me into the inner dimension of the internal kung fu, the energy domension, and I call it “Prana Dynamics”, literally, life energy in motion. Today, I pay equal respect to all systems of traditions, yet I am not with any of them, for once any art becomes a tradition, the essence is lost.

If there is something I have to uphold, I would choose to uphold the essence of the art, Prana Dynamics. To me, Chinese Kung Fu is an empirical and scientific system of reverse self engineering. Truth is a pathless land! It is up to oneself to realize one’s true nature!
Swipe through to see pictures of my father with Grand Master Wei Hsiao Tang.”