SiHing Martin is the instructor for the IWKA at Harrow and Wembley.

Martin started boxing at the early age of 7 and regularly attended boxing competitions all over Northern Ireland, winning most of his matches as he loved sparring and his older cousin, a champion in his own right, trained him weekly beyond the normal regime.

He continued to box until about 13 years old when he came across Lau Gar Kung Fu classes in his home town. This period of Lau Gar was intensive as the class numbers were small so the tuition was pretty much one to one. He trained in Lau Gar until he was 18 before moving to Manchester to study engineering. Whilst in Manchester he regularly trained in Wu Shu for the 4 years during university.

Now on the IWKA certified instructors programme, he will continue to provide high quality training as set out by the IWKA curriculum.